RADIS3 is a PHP RAD framework tool library for PHP-GTK applications
Copyright (c) 2005, Gonzalo Monzón Caballero. All rights reserved.

RADIS3 is dual licensed using BSD-Style and LGPL. Where there is any discrepancy, the BSD-Style license will take precedence.

RADIS3 is a package of some PHP classes intended for rapid application developement of all kind of PHP-GTK applications, providing a framework of architecture and methodology for easier developements. The package now extends PEAR in some classes.

The project is divided in three main modules:

The beta-0.0.2 release contains only the smaller and simpler core part of RADIS3, the APP - GUI modules, they are almost completely rewritten from scratch, having in mind the same idea than in the first release. The other modules are being redesigned and rewritten at this time so I don't know when they will be ready to be released as beta-0.0.2.

Now all the code is commented in english and uses the PEAR coding standards. Sorry but the beta-0.0.1 code was more than horrible...

A simple test application has been included in the package to show you how does these libraries work. A PEAR base installation is needed to run the example.

You can download the RADIS3 beta-0.0.2 APP-GUI library and example package from here.

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